Cara Jane Hayman

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Fireworks and sparkles

Renowned for her fantastic detail and precision, Cara Jane will show the principles of successful cane making in action.

Learn to make a colourful ‘firework’ inspired cane, using the sparkly magic of metallic mica clay by exploring its properties and different ways to use it to good effect. You will make coloured mica canes, mica shift patterns and cut veneers. You can make a custom texture stamp for truly original mica shift patterns.  Turning your canes into elegant jewellery, you will finish the back neatly, add a polymer bail and sand your work for a professional finish.

About Cara Jane 

Before polymer clay took over her life, Cara Jane Hayman worked as both a research scientist and a primary school teacher.  She loves to experiment both scientifically and artistically and polymer clay is such a versatile medium it provides endless avenues to explore.

Polymer supports vibrant patterns and meets the challenge of recreating a textile pattern in a polymer clay cane.  Cara enjoys building up the patterned blocks of clay and is still thrilled at the magic that happens as the cane is reduced and the pattern shrinks.


Cara Jane loves sharing her knowledge with others through teaching and tutorials and meeting new clay friends. She has been teaching polymer clay for the last seven years both in the UK and Europe. Cara Jane is also the organiser of the popular annual Polymania event held in Bristol where she lives.

Cara Jane is the creative ambassador for Kato Polyclay Europe in the UK and the current Vice Chair for the British Polymer Clay Guild.


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