Ginger Davis Allman

Faux lampwork GDA1.jpg

Faux lampwork

Glass is beautiful, but fragile and heavy.  Learn how to get the effect without the weight from this internationally recognised authority.

In this class, we will explore translucent polymer clay and use traditional glassworking techniques to make colourful beads that look just like lampworked glass. You'll also learn to manipulate the polymer in ways to enhance the translucency of polymer and how to use iridescent powders to create a fun dichroic effect. We will make beads in the class, but we'll also discuss how this same process can be used to create small figurines or other items.

About Ginger

Ginger Davis Allman has had a lifelong interest in both science and art, giving her an intense desire to explore the possibilities of polymer clay as a medium.   Ginger is the creator of the popular polymer clay information website, The Blue Bottle Tree. She lives in the US with her husband, three bottle trees, and a lot of unfinished projects.


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